The AltCourt Legal Team
The AltCourt Legal Team

Property and Casualty

The AltCourt Legal Team has extensive experience handling first and third-party property and casualty claims and general liability claims for corporations and insurance carriers. We understand the complexities of a broad range of property and casualty liability matters and are equipped to handle these matters in a thorough and efficient manner.


Often the hardest part of a property casualty case is evaluating and defending damages claims. Our attorneys maintain a network of skilled physicians, mechanical engineers and economists as well as bio-mechanical and vocational rehabilitation experts to respond to and defuse potentially high-exposure claims.


Unique and emotionally sensitive matters often arise when dealing with property and casualty litigation. Our lawyers have the experience it takes to handle these matters with professionalism and compassion, but always with an eye toward positive outcomes for our clients. Specifically, our experience includes pre-impact horror; relatives witnessing the death of a loved one while in the “zone of danger;” and claims of conscious pain and suffering and significant economic loss.


In addition to our team of trusted experts, our attorneys are well versed in medical treatment practices and terminology and are able to identify, address and defend exaggerated claims of injury. We are, therefore, well positioned to properly evaluate legitimate claims and track them for early resolution, either by mediation or high/low arbitration, thereby protecting the interests of our clients and, where applicable, limiting the exposure for their insurance carrier.


Our experienced team of lawyers defends property and casualty cases in state and federal courts and administrative bodies throughout the country. Our experience covers all facets of property and casualty work, including:

  • Business interruption
  • Wrongful death
  • Fire claims
  • Cargo
  • Environmental coverage and defense
  • Supplementary underinsured motorist (“SUM”)
  • Serious commercial automobile
  • Underinsured motorist (“UM”)
  • Premises liability
  • Negligent security (including physical and sexual assault)
  • Construction
  • Serious commercial automobile accident
  • Insurance coverage issues arising out of claims under supplementary underinsured motorist endorsements
  • SUM and UM arbitrations
  • Complex property damage claims arising out of construction activities
  • Premises liability claims (slip and falls on ice, water or foreign matter or trip and fall claims arising out of defects in flooring or pavement)
  • Negligent security claims (including physical and sexual assault)

In addition to traditional property liability work, our group has a wealth of experience representing municipalities. We employ defenses based upon various state and local laws and frequently take advantage of administrative hearing procedures as a method to give our clients an opportunity to evaluate their potential liability at an early stage. With that knowledge, we work together to decide whether it is in the client’s best interest to settle the matter or defend it.


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