The AltCourt Legal Team
The AltCourt Legal Team

AltCourt Prepaid Legal Covered Services

What’s Covered


AltCourt’s most common group legal plan provides a number of core legal benefits that are covered at no charge. Below is a brief list of the services provided in the Legal Plan.

Coverage may vary depending on the level of benefits through your employer or organization. Please contact AltCourt for specifics on your plan.

If you would like more information about our legal services and ID Theft Plans for your company or organization then call us at 1-251-444-6174 or Email us at


Unlimited Telephone Consultation & Advice


Legal issues can be very unsettling for the average employee. This hard-working person isn't familiar with all of the procedures and legal language that are part of so many disputes and is understandably frightened. AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services has worked with employers since 2005 to design group legal plans with the individual in mind. We firmly believe that anyone who is a member of an employee paid benefits plan has the right to expect a little something extra. We see to it that members have a chance to take advantage of some really important legal services.


Perhaps one of the most useful group legal benefits of our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan is the direct access to Unlimited Telephone Consultation and Advice from our network of top-tier attorneys. This is something that many people take advantage of as part of the employee paid benefits their company offers to cover the need for legal services. This is intentionally made as simple as possible. As a group legal plan member, any employee has the right to call any of our plan attorneys as often as needed for advice on legal problems. Our members require legal consultation and advice for countless issues, and our lawyers commonly advise clients who:


  • Are buying homes and need documents reviewed and an attorney present at closing;
  • Are deeply in debt and need advice on bankruptcy and other related issues;
  • Are experiencing leaks or other problems with a newly installed roof or windows;
  • Need updates to outdated wills;
  • Are leasing apartments or cars and need a lawyer to review the lease;
  • Are considering writing a will;
  • Have minor children and are trying to decide if they should start a trust;
  • Are the executors of an estate;
  • Are separated and unsure of parental rights;
  • Are unable to make mortgage payments and are facing foreclosure;
  • Have been the victims of identity theft;
  • Have been in auto accidents or gotten speeding tickets;
  • Are having to deal with immigration issues and more


Legal professionals will respond quickly and it doesn't matter whether the issue is routine or serious. The attorneys who are part of an employee paid benefits plan designed by AltCourt are expected to show the same level of courtesy and expertise. These lawyers are screened for their knowledge, but their interpersonal communication skills are just as important to us. Management can expect that their valued employees will be treated as adults and not as some case file to be stored in a cabinet. Human resources can be assured that a AltCourt employee paid benefits plan is very easy to administer.


We take great pride in the service the attorneys provide. Traffic violations, child support, visitation rights and other issues can often be resolved just by making a call to one of the lawyers in the AltCourt network. If an employee needs further assistance, it is not a challenge for us at all. Additional help can be provided at reduced rate hours, scheduled fees, or fixed prices for comprehensive legal representation. These can be part of any group legal plan, and we would be more than happy to work with an employer to develop just the right legal service for employees.


Employees should not have to be stressed out over minor legal matters. AltCourt works with some of the best and brightest legal minds in the country, who can offer help with even the most complicated family or personal legal matters. All of the services come with a compassionate understanding of the anxiety an individual is experiencing. We encourage human resources directors and executive management to give us a call to find out about the AltCourt group legal plans.

To find out more, call us  at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a fast response.





Face-to-Face Consultations


  • Any member of our group legal plan has the right to expect excellent customer service. It is the unwritten feature of a good legal benefit and it is extremely important. People are flustered when it comes to legal terminology and situations that involve the court system. Attorneys who are sensitive to the state of mind of a plan member are the kind of professionals who provide the best type of legal benefit. That is what we expect here at AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services.


  • We insist on it because rapport is so important. Sensitive family matters that result in legal actions require a personal connection with an attorney to be productive. Face-to-face consultations mean more than telephone calls or emails. We offer such meetings as part of our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan. Anyone who is a member of a group legal plan designed by AltCourt has the opportunity to consult directly with an attorney who is part of our network. This legal benefit permits free half-hour face-to-face consultations on separate legal matters. A prior appointment of course is necessary, but during the consultation the plan member is free to ask any question regarding the legal issue. An individual recommendation as to the best course of action will be provided. Such opinion comes from an attorney with a reputation for legal knowledge and exemplary ethics.


  • A company that values its employees wants to have those hard-working people treated with respect and dignity. Human resources will be pleased to know that the interpersonal skills of our attorneys results in employees who are not complaining bitterly about treatment. Group legal plans don’t always provide such sensitivity, but we screen attorneys to be certain that their communication skills are as good as their legal expertise. Because such empathy helps to resolve a problem, we feel it is a legitimate legal benefit that is to be a part of our group legal plans.


  • Management also be pleased to know that the AltCourt Personal Legal Safeguard Plan is designed to offer the most comprehensive and practical legal services possible. Our attorneys are skilled at dealing with a number of legal matters, including family law, consumer protection, warranties, small claims court, living wills and medical powers of attorney, simple wills, government programs and much more. Most services are free with plan membership and we also offer discounts on referrals for legal matters not covered under the group legal plan.


  • We Respect Your Security and Your Privacy.


  • Privacy and security are top priorities for AltCourt. Our network of lawyers will provide a discreet, thorough legal benefit for family and personal legal issues. A plan member’s information will always be kept confidential and no one will have access without express permission granted first.


  • AltCourt designed group legal plans to fit the needs of organizations. We are flexible enough to tailor any benefit so that it is exactly what is needed for the work force. Our plans are easy to administer without excessive amounts of paperwork being required. If it is the wish of the employer, we will be happy to set up a voluntary prepaid payroll deduction plan that makes the process even easier. AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services works to provide the very best benefit for a given employer. We have worked with all types of organizations since 2005 and we are comfortable with all kinds of demographics. Every plan comes with the commitment to empathy and superior customer service. Any organization will be assured their employees will receive nothing less than that.


  • To find out more, call us  at 1-251-444-6174or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.


  • 1. In Virginia, consultations with your attorney, at no charge, are limited to three phone calls per month on each of no more than four legal matters.


  • 2. To comply with state regulations, Arkansas, Indiana, Nebraska and Virginia residents must pay $5.00 for each letter or phone call made on their behalf. New York residents are limited to three letters or phone calls a year, no more than two of which may be related to one matter.


  • 3. In New York, members and spouses are each entitled to one free will and annual updates of that will. Arkansas, Nebraska and Virginia residents are charged $15.00 for this service.


  • 4. In Virginia, face-to-face consultations with your attorney, at no charge, are limited to four legal matters per month. Note: This Legal Plan is not insurance. Professional, business or investment related activities along with fines, court costs, penalties, disbursements and other related expenses are not covered under this plan. Certain other exceptional matters, such as matters between people, groups, associations, unions, credit unions, employer-employee, work-related or employers associated with the legal plan, appeals, class actions and repetitious matters where circumstances have not substantially changed, are also not covered. Please refer to your Certificate of Coverage for specific coverage and exclusions. This brochure is for illustrative purposes only. The Plan is subject to all state and local approvals, rulings, filings, regulations, etc.



      Estate Planning


      Preparation of Simple Wills


  • Death is something no one wants to think about it, but an estate is a matter that everyone should plan. The security of survivors, particularly any children, ought to be a concern for any employee. Unfortunately, it isn’t and that is why so many people die without a will (intestate). This can introduce loved ones to the legal maze known as probate court and that can take months to navigate. No one really wants to have his or her survivors endure that, and one of the most widely used services of our group legal plan at AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services is the Preparation of Wills.


  • The importance of having a will cannot be understated. Younger people can die just as easily as senior citizens, and dividing up the estate is made a lot more difficult without that document. Surviving family members are required to deal with a court appointed individual who oversees the estate and will have to pay a bond. An employee paid benefits plan that covers preparation of a will allows a person to have estate matters prearranged, making court intervention less of an issue. Drafting a Simple Will is the legal service that is most commonly used within group legal plans.


  • Our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan is a legal services’ benefit that AltCourt offers that provides a substantial service. As a plan member, you will be able to use our network of qualified attorneys to prepare a simple will for you, your spouse and your dependents at no cost to you*. Don’t always assume that your assets will go to your spouse—if you have children or other dependents, the division of your estate will likely be split up amongst all parties. Simple wills outline the distribution of your assets at the time of death.


  • Drawing of a will is a positive step, but having a will is not enough. You must also keep it updated as things change in your life (i.e. marriages, divorces, births, adoptions, etc.), so that you can rest assured that your matters will be taken care of the way that you see fit. Our employee paid benefits plans offer free annual updates* as a part of your group legal plan to help keep your will up-to-date, including who is to be the executor and who will be the beneficiaries. Composing a will is extremely important and it is never too soon to prepare for the future. The attorneys who are part of the AltCourt network in our group legal plans can help you do so quickly and easily.


  • Living Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney


  • Drafting Living Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney are two important services that our attorneys will provide as a part of our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan. Not to be confused with Living Trusts (which are alternatives to standard wills), Living Wills are legal documents that outline your wishes for being placed on or removed from life support and other medical and end-of-life considerations. Living wills define a very narrow set of circumstances that must be declared in order for your loved ones to take care of you properly and according to your wishes.


  • Similarly, Medical Powers of Attorney are documents that allow you to charge the decision-making process to a designated or specific person or persons who will make the medical decisions on your behalf in the event you are incapacitated or otherwise unable to do so.


  • Perhaps the thought of death is the reason why people will delay preparing a will or estate planning. AltCourt appreciates that individual to be nervous, and that is why our employee paid benefits plans are executed with top-notch customer service. The attorneys associated with our group legal plans understand the anxiety, and use a level of empathy that should be expected of any employee paid benefits program. Human resources will be glad to know that company employees are treated as individuals and not statistics. A compassionate approach is something that can be expected from any of the AltCourt group legal plans.


  • To find out more about our services, call us  at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a fast response.


Preparation of Living Wills & Medical Powers of Attorney


At AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services we definitely understand how important the health of plan members and their loved ones are. With our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan the plan member, that person’s spouse and any dependents benefit from our Preparation of Living Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney services. These documents cannot only determine an individual’s wishes for medical decisions, but they can also help give the plan member and his or her family peace of mind when dealing with difficult medical issues. These group legal plans offered by AltCourt provide clear instructions to healthcare providers as to what should be done in the event of very serious medical mishap. It is a legal benefit for the time of medical crisis.


Living Will

A living will is a legal document that details what a plan member wishes for medical treatment. Also known as an advance medical directive, a living will outlines how that individual wants to be cared for during medical emergencies, long-term illness and imminent death. No matter how simple or detailed the final document is, a living will helps your family and medical personnel take care of you when you are unable to communicate your wishes. As a part of our group legal plan, our plan attorneys will draft a document that spells out in advance what medical treatments the individual wishes to accept or refuse, and the circumstances in which he or she wants those wishes implemented. This legal service takes uncertainty out of the picture as the healthcare providers understand what options are to be considered.


Medical Power of Attorney

Another type of advance medical directive, medical power of attorney is a legal document that gives an appointed individual (or individuals) the power to make legally binding decisions regarding medical treatment when the plan member is infirm, incapacitated or on life support. As a legal benefit in a AltCourt group legal plan, our attorneys can draft this document at the same time as the living will to complete an advance medical directive portfolio.


All of the activity surrounding either legal benefit is done with a great deal of personal empathy. Those attorneys who are part of a AltCourt group legal plan are expected to show a high level of courtesy and considerable empathy. Drafting either living will or a medical power of attorney is not pleasant for some people and it can cause a great deal of anxiety. Our attorneys understand this and patiently explain all the details of the legal benefit.


The group legal plans that AltCourt offer are meant to be very easy to administer, and human resources will appreciate that. Human resources will also appreciate the two above-mentioned documents because they give instructions as far as medical care is concerned. That plays a strong influence on the healthcare claims experience that any comprehensive employee group health benefit has. Although it should never be insisted that a person have a living will or medical power of attorney, allowing employees the option of such a legal benefit can have a positive influence on claims experience.


AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services has been in the business of group legal benefits since 2005. We work with organizations to provide the kind of legal services coverage that they feel their employees on the right to receive. A plan will of course come with the assurance that each plan member will be treated with respect and dignity. Empathy is something AltCourt will always have as part of its service.


It’s never too early to be prepared for the unexpected. To find out more about our prepaid legal plan, call us  at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.


Unlimited Legal Letters & Telephone Calls on Your Behalf


  • Anyone who is a member of an employee paid benefits plan has a right to expect a little bit extra: services that go a little bit beyond what is routinely expected. AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services feels the same way and our group legal plans are intended to do more than just offer paper processing benefits.


  • Our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan showcases some of the customer service that is a part of any legal benefits plan we design. This group legal plan allows unlimited legal letters and telephone calls made on behalf of plan members. That's an extremely valuable service. So many times it happens that a telephone call or letter written on an attorney's stationary will make the other party think carefully and seek reasonable options to resolve the problem. The attorneys who are part of the AltCourt network provide group legal plan members as many phone calls or letters that a particular situation needs. As a service of an employee paid benefits plan, this communication on the part of a seasoned attorney is worth its weight in gold.


  • Human resources always want employee benefits that truly help employees and go a little bit beyond the expected. The unlimited telephone calls and legal letters let management know that an AltCourt employee paid benefits plan gives high quality group legal services to hard-working employees. What is also attractive is how easy it is to administer these benefits. AltCourt has worked with all kinds of organizations and employers over the last 13 years. We understand that different employers may require unique group legal plans, and we are happy to tailor any plan to best fit the needs of the company.


  • Service You Can Rely On


  • Employers can be assured that customer service will always be a part of any plan designed by AltCourt. Our attorneys are chosen for their interpersonal communication skills as well as their ability to write legal letters, and any employee who happens to be part of one of our employee paid benefits is treated with respect and courtesy. It is our way of providing value plus benefits and service.


  • Sometimes all a person needs is an attorney to put some extra pressure on an unreasonable party or a business that simply doesn't care. Many cases can be settled without having to go before a judge, and it does pay to have a veteran attorney write important letters and make those necessary calls(regrettably, there are many business establishments who refuse to take complaints seriously unless they get a letter from an attorney). AltCourt lawyers are able to cut through all of the ambiguity and red tape, saving an employee incredible amounts of time and effort. That allows for more time to be spent on government projects, which is something that any employer would like to see.


  • AltCourt firmly believes that a stress-free employee is the most productive and is rarely the cause of problems in the workplace. The easy administration of our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan is highly appealing to human resources and we can explain how one of our plans can be easily put in place. The quality of the legal benefits, combined with excellent customer service skills, has made many employers decide that AltCourt is the best option for group legal benefits. Of course, there are other legal services that can be included in a plan and we are more than happy to describe them in detail. We invite human resources directors and other members of the executive management to feel free to give us a  call at 1 - 251 - 444 - 6174 and ask as many questions as necessary. The speedy response can also come from filling out our contact form.



Review of Contracts & Documents


It is a fast pace world, and people may times do things more quickly than they should. That is one of the problems that arise with leases, contracts and other agreements. People often sign in a hurry on the dotted line without realizing what it is they have committed themselves to doing. It isn’t until a little while later they find out they have made a big mistake. It would’ve been better if they had some form of legal benefit which could help prevent such consequences. With our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan at AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services, a person can have a group legal plan where qualified attorneys can review both contracts and documents, to protect a plan member’s interests at all times.


We understand that many people worry that a legal benefit will cost a lot of money. That should be no concern at all and it isn’t for plan members of any AltCourt designed benefit. As a member of our legal services plan, we offer Review of Contracts & Documents at no charge; it is part of the overall benefit. Our plan attorneys will carefully review most legal documents up to six (6) pages per document, including leases, rental documents, promissory notes, affidavits, powers of attorney and a variety of others. A plan member receives advice regarding his or her protection under most contracts, as well as a recommendation as to whether or not to agree to the presented terms. This is all in addition to the other services that a group legal plan designed by AltCourt will offer. Human resources in particular will enjoy knowing that the legal benefit AltCourt prepares is easy to set up and administer.


The best time to receive legal advice is before any legal document is signed. Even the most straightforward contract can contain terminology that can create major problems later. And it’s not always the “fine print,” that is the source of the problem. Sometimes, the wording of seemingly innocuous phrases can create a situation in which a person is legally bound to do something or pay for something that wasn’t agreed to or expected. Having an experienced professional go through the document is something that should be a part of a good legal benefit plan, and AltCourt has something little bit more.


The lawyers who are associated with us provide excellent customer service. We screen attorneys prior to having them as part of a AltCourt group legal plan and their interpersonal skills is something we seriously consider. Courtesy is the unwritten part of a legal benefit, and we want all of our attorneys to show that to plan members. They will take the time that is necessary to explain the phrases and clauses, noting for the plan member important sections which have to be considered. Anyone who enrolls in one of our group legal plans should know that they are considered as a very important person, and will be treated with the utmost respect. It’s just one of the reasons why a AltCourt legal benefit is so well received.


AltCourt is also flexible enough to craft whatever benefit an organization wants for its workforce. We can show human resources and executive management the many ways that our group legal plans can really assist employees, and would welcome such an opportunity.


To find out more, call us  at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and our helpful and knowledgeable representatives can help get people signed up for our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan today.




Advice on Government Programs


  • There are hundreds of government programs, and each one has its own set of procedures and policies that have to be followed in order to get service. Programs like Social Security, Veterans Affairs, or even those that should be less complicated like the Bureau of Motor Vehicles require a frightening number of forms and requirements. The fine print and complicated language make for very tired eyes and a sense of hopelessness for those who need government service. There is a lot of bureaucratic red tape that can easily be cut through with the assistance offered by a group legal plan.


  • An employee paid benefit like our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan gives members access to a network of highly qualified attorneys. As part of what a AltCourt group legal plan provides, these lawyers can offer expert advice on all the various government programs and the benefits that pertain directly to you. They can go over what appear to be very complicated instructions, and explain what the best ways to apply for various government services. What seems to be a maze of legal terms becomes clearer as the attorneys associated with the group legal plan describe the details step-by-step. Any employee paid benefit ought to have superior customer service. All of the advice is therefore given with sincere empathy and understanding of a member’s situation. AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services expects such member friendly assistance from all of the attorneys in our network, and we select for our group legal plans only those who have demonstrated superior personal skills.


  • Government agencies come in different categories: federal, state, and local administration. Each level addresses even the smallest matters in the greatest detail and that can be maddening. This is made even worse when for the proverbial “lack of a horseshoe nail” one element of an application is forgotten, and the whole process has to be started once again. The attorneys in the AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services network understand such frustration. They patiently provide insight at every level of government, working to be sure that you are not accidentally tripped up by a technicality, and that all documents are properly completed and filed. Indeed, help with the applications for government benefits is perhaps one of the most attractive features of the employee paid benefit AltCourt offers.


  • Reduce Wait Times and Save Money.


  • Time is important and the wheels of government sometimes move far too slow. That’s one of the reasons why a group legal plan can be so helpful. Legal assistance from an attorney reduces the amount of time spent in getting application process or benefits delivered. Lawyers understand how government operates and how to secure from a bureaucrat what is needed without jeopardizing an application. These practitioners of the law are familiar with the language of various jurisdictions, and being able to speak in the same vernacular of civil servants just makes things go quicker.


  • Human resources departments welcome the fact that a AltCourt group legal plan can be an voluntary benefit without a lot of administrative work or attention. They also appreciate knowing that any plan member is treated with courtesy and respect by lawyers associated with AltCourt. We have been in the business of making government procedures easier to follow since 2005, and we have exactly what an employee needs to navigate the bureaucratic canals. Our attorneys have helped countless numbers of people get the kind of benefits they are entitled to from government. We also provide the easy administration that human resources management would like to see in any benefit.


  • We’re happy to answer any questions regarding a need for legal services. To get started, call us today  at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response. Our competitively priced legal plan is a benefit that will quickly pay for itself multiple times over. Call us today!




Identity Theft Prevention and Assistance



It is a disturbing fact of modern life, but cases of identity theft and credit fraud are increasing. The rate of growth is alarming, and there doesn’t seem to be much chance of a decrease in the near future According to new data 41 million Americans were victims of ID theft in the past 5 years. Every 43 seconds a thief steels someone’s identity. Correcting this invasion of privacy is time-consuming and on average, according to industry research, a person spends about 200 hours restoring his or her good name. Group legal plans ought to have a number of legal benefit options, and identity theft prevention system should be included. At AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services, we offer Identity Theft Prevention and Assistance as an added benefit of our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan. This a little bit extra than an ordinary legal benefit, but it is important. Identity theft simply takes too much time away from work and prevention is the best strategy.


A plan member in the group legal plan mentioned above will receive a valuable Tool Kit for personal use. It gives step-by-step guidance to a plan member if he or she becomes the victim of identity theft. It includes contact numbers for the main credit reporting bureaus, affidavits and other crucial information to help a victim reconstruct identity quickly and efficiently.


How Does Identity Theft Happen?


Identity Theft occurs when someone obtains your sensitive personal information, such as:

  • Your Bank, Credit and Debit Card account numbers
  • Your Income and Employee ID number
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your Name, Address and Phone Number(s)

the crime happens when a person accidentally leaves information in public view, or even responds to what looks like an innocent website (not all websites asking for credit card information are legitimate, and sometimes even websites with firewalls are compromised). Our group legal plans will provide a legal benefit that is above and beyond the ordinary. Not only will a plan member receive the Tool Kit, that person can also speak to one of our network attorneys about the situation to ensure that all bases have been covered in regaining information integrity. Identity theft criminals are capable of infiltrating many areas of an individual’s life. The advice of good attorneys can help correct the situation.


Employers can be assured that a group legal plan developed by AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services is easy to administer. They also should know that a legal benefit provided comes from an attorney who has superior customer service skills, and who can deal patiently with any plan member. AltCourt firmly believes that any group legal service should keep the individual in mind at all times. That is why we are so concerned that attorneys in our network provide courtesy and respect to everyone.


AltCourt can develop a legal services plan with just the right kind of legal benefit for any employer. We’ve been doing this since 2005 and we have built our reputation on legal expertise and good superior customer service. We are confident that we can provide the kind of legal benefit that keeps employees safe and secure. Of course identity theft assistance is not the only part of the Personal Legal Safeguard Plan, and we would appreciate the opportunity to explain all we have to offer.


Taking a strong stance against identity theft is the best prevention method. We can also help a plan member keep an eye on the credit reports and target any and all crimes against their identity. To find out more, call us  at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.



Guaranteed Reduced Rates on Other Legal Matters


  • We are committed to the concept that going the extra mile provides the best legal benefit within a group legal plan. With membership in our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan at AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services, plan members will receive access to countless qualified attorneys who can help a person with specific legal matters that are outside of the realm of the standard prepaid legal services. Although our group legal plans cover a vast array of plan member needs, network referrals are often necessary regarding matters that deal with more specialized cases, such as personal injury, criminal or family law issues.


  • As part of the plan legal benefit, AltCourt will provide a plan member with direct referrals to qualified attorneys who are skilled in the appropriate area of law for the given legal matter. In addition, AltCourt also guarantee reduced rates on hourly and scheduled rates from the participating panel of attorneys in our group legal plan network.


  • When is a Referral Necessary?


  • Conditions do determine the type of legal benefit service to be provided. If a situation can’t be adequately handled by phone, by third-party letters or with personal consultations, a plan member will be referred to a network attorney at special member rates. The member will receive a twenty-five percent (25%) discount on hourly and scheduled rates from the participating panel of attorneys. Contingency fee cases (e.g. personal injury) are provided at a ten percent (10%) discount from the standard contingency percentages.


  • The AltCourt group legal plan has an objective of connecting plan members with attorneys who can expertly solve their problem in a cost conscious way. With the AltCourt legal benefit, a person will never have to contend with hidden costs, hidden fees or hidden charges. AltCourt has received a detailed fee schedule from each network firm as part of an individual agreement, so that members are assured of reduced fees upfront. There are no surprises – just guaranteed great rates from lawyers who are experienced in precisely the area of law that is needed for the given legal problem.


  • It is also expected that these attorneys will work with plan members as if they were long-term clients. This means that the same level of customer service and attention will be given. We insist that attorneys provide both expert legal advice and superior personal attention. These are to be expected. No matter what the situation or legal emergency happens to be.


  • Employers will appreciate knowing that AltCourt does not create an administrative burden for anyone. We are aware of how constrained for time a human resources department might possibly be, and our plans are extremely easy to administer. We also respect the fact that organizations come in all shapes and sizes; each with different needs. That is why we make it a point to work very closely with management as the group legal plan takes shape. If there’s a particular legal benefit that is to be included or left out, AltCourt is flexible enough to do exactly as is requested by management. We’ve been doing this since 2005 and our efforts have resulted in very satisfied companies all over the country.


  • An employer who is in the market for a legal benefit that provides excellent coverage is invited to contact us about the AltCourt group legal plans. We definitely appreciate inquiries and gladly take the time necessary to explain all of the important elements of our legal services. We invite interested parties to call with as many questions as need answers. To find out more, call us  at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a fast response to questions about our prepaid legal services, our attorney network and more.



Advice on Small Claims Court



People can face any number of problems in life, and some of these are going to require good legal advice to resolve. The group legal plans offered by AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services are intended to solve problems, and also relieve the anxiety people feel when confronted with the law and its requirements. Our comprehensive and affordable Personal Legal Safeguard Plan is a legal benefit that is intended to help a plan member with a variety of legal matters. One component of this comprehensive group legal plan is Advice on Small Claims Court.


This is the judicial court that most people will have dealings with. From state to state, the laws regarding cases in small claims court can vary greatly. For example, most states limit the amount you can sue for in small claims court between $3,000 and $5,000. Some states, such as Tennessee, however, have limits up to $25,000. Awards for eviction cases can be limitless in several states. A person doesn’t always know what the maximum is in his or her state. It is possible that there may be a statute of limitations involved, which prohibits a claim from being filed after a certain period of time has gone by. A legal benefit that helps a plan member better understand small claims court helps remove an awful lot of obstacles to a resolution. Anyone facing small claims court has a lot of questions and the attorneys who are part of a AltCourt group legal plan provides answers as part of the legal benefit.

It is essential that a person receive good professional legal advice in a small claims court situation. Our plan attorneys can advise you on your specific case, citing the rules and laws of your state (and city, when applicable). Confusion over limits regarding money and time are easily settled by these professionals were part of the group legal plan.


Even if a person feels prepared and the case seems straightforward, a lawyer can warn of possible pitfalls that could potentially harm a case (counterclaims, lack of evidence, etc.). As part of the customer service which is an unwritten part of the AltCourt legal benefit, AltCourt attorneys can give tips on how to best present the case. Although a lawyer is not typically allowed to be present in small claims court with a plan member, the network of attorneys of a AltCourt group legal plan can help organize evidence before the court date to increase a person’s chances of success.


Collecting Judgments


One of the most difficult tasks of a small claims court case is often not the actual case itself, but collecting the judgment afterwards. The court will not pursue the judgment, because in most states this is the responsibility of the person receiving the award. An attorney can help get what is owed by filing the necessary paperwork to seize the defendant’s assets, garnish the defendant’s wages/bank account, or place a lien against the defendant’s property. In other words, a good attorney can make it extremely difficult for a defendant to escape a rightful payment.


AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services design legal benefit plans that are very easy to administer. Human resources will be glad to know that a voluntary prepaid payroll deduction plan can be instituted without any difficulty. Plan members will be more than satisfied with all the many benefits that are made available. They will also appreciate the level of customer service which we offer, and the empathy and courtesy exhibited by the attorneys.


To find out more, call us  at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.



Warranty Problems & Consumer Protection Advice


  • Have you ever gotten a “lemon” from a car dealership? Have you ever bought an expensive electronic device, only to have it malfunction days later? Have you ever been given the runaround by a company who simply won’t make good on a promise of service or warranty? These problems can be extremely frustrating at the least, and hazardous or harmful in the worst situations.


  • People will always buy products that have warranties that come with the merchandise. But the fine print will tell exactly what will be covered by the warranty. Sales campaigns happen all the time with fantastic prices to attract consumers. It’s sad, but it does happen that the great new gizmo can malfunction after a day or so. That’s when people go back to the store to find out that the warranty doesn’t cover this or the sales policy won’t allow that. It is deeply frustrating and a group legal plan that can address warranty problems and consumer issues would be great. Fortunately, AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services can provide a group legal plan that includes a legal benefit to help with consumer issues.


  • Faulty products can be dangerous, and companies who sell merchandise should live up to any warranty or take back anything that is deficient. Some don’t and that can be awfully annoying. It may require the assistance of a seasoned lawyer to resolve the issue, and AltCourt group legal plans such as the Personal Legal Safeguard Plan will connect a plan member to a seasoned attorney who is familiar with consumer protection. As part of the AltCourt legal benefit, one of our network lawyers will help a consumer deal with an unethical car dealer, repair , associate, or a company that simply refuses to live up to its promises. The AltCourt group legal plan enables a plan member to receive excellent legal advice in consumer protection matters and better understand fraud, breach of contract, what constitutes a defective product, as well as other matters pertaining to consumer protection. We definitely have a solution for warranty and consumer protection problems that any employee might encounter.


  • The AltCourt legal benefit gives full access to network attorneys who can provide the necessary services to deal with any unfulfilled warranty, or manage a consumer complaint. These professionals are experienced in consumer, and warranty law. Just as important, these legal professionals are known for superior customer service. They really do understand how frustrating it is to deal with a consumer issue, and will be patient with any plan member who has a problem. These attorneys will also come up with the right solution.


  • Human resources will be pleased to know that a group legal plan from AltCourt is very easy to administer. We can set up a prepaid payroll deduction plan that will allow for very easy administration and provide the kind of legal benefit that employees will certainly enjoy. AltCourt will gladly work with management to develop the type of plan that fits exactly the needs of employees. The warranty and consumer protection advice is just one element of a comprehensive benefit. AltCourt also offers help with real estate law, immigration, and drafting wills. Every one of the services offered within one of our plans has the same high level of customer service, and the same attention to detail. These are the kind of legal benefit plans that provide full assistance when it is needed.


  • Since 2005, AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services has been helping individuals and organizations afford reliable prepaid legal aid for a variety of personal and family matters. We are confident in what we have to offer will fulfill any need for legal service. We definitely welcome the opportunity to explain in detail all we can do, and we certainly will answer or meet with a prospective client about our legal benefit answering any questions that a prospective client may have about a legal benefit. To find out more, call us toll-free at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response. We offer group and individual coverage from coast to coast in the U.S.



IRS State Tax Relief and Advice

Services Covered


  • You will receive a FREE 1 hour telephone consultation for each matter regarding your personal income tax debt issues with a participating provider.


  • The plan providers will analyze your tax debt, tax issues and prior tax filing history as well as review and assess your financial situation.


  • You will be able to discuss your options and the IRS programs that are available to you.


  • If you need a Federal Analysis then you are entitled to have the state power of attorney(s) and federal power of attorney forms for tax issues only prepared at no charge.

Guaranteed Reduced Rates on Other Tax Matters Including Preparation of Tax Returns


If you want further representation for your personal income tax debt matters or preparation of state and federal tax returns then you will receive a 25% discount on hourly and scheduled rates from the participating panel of tax attorneys and CPAs for the following services:

  • Federal Analysis
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Currently Non Collectable
  • Streamline Installment Agreement
  • Tax Returns Preparation – Personal Simple
  • Tax Returns Preparation – Complex Personal • Tax Returns Preparation – Business Simple
  • Tax Returns Preparation – Complex Business • Collection Due Process Hearing
  • Innocent Spouse Matter







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