The AltCourt Legal Team
The AltCourt Legal Team

      State Bar Associations

Alabama -       Alabama State Bar Online Lawyer Directory

Alaska -          Alaska Bar Association - Lawyer Directory

Arizona -         State Bar of Arizona - Find a Lawyer

Arkansas -      Office of Professional Conduct, Supreme Court of Arkansas  Attorney Search

California -      State Bar of California - Attorney Search

Connecticut -   Statewide Grievance Committee - Attorney Firm Look-up

Colorado -       Colorado Supreme Court, Office of Attorney Regulation - Information Search

Delaware* -     Delaware State Bar - Attorney Search

District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) - District of Columbia Office of Bar Counsel - Find a Member

Florida -          The Florida Bar - Find a Lawyer Search

Georgia -        State Bar of Georgia - Member Directory

Hawaii -          Hawaii State Judiciary Membership Status Verification and Directory

Idaho -           Idaho State Bar Attorney Roster

Illinois -          Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission - Lawyer Search

Indiana -        Indiana Roll of Attorneys -

Read more about the Indiana Roll of Attorneys

Iowa -           Iowa Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board - Search Lawyers Licensed in Iowa

Kansas -         Supreme Court of Kansas - Online Attorney Directory

Kentucky -     Kentucky Bar Association - Lawyer Locator or Roll of Attorneys

Louisiana -     Louisiana State Bar Association Membership Directory

Maine -          Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar - Attorney Directory

Maryland -     State Bar of Maryland - Attorney Listings


Massachusetts - Massachusetts Office of the Bar Counsel - Attorney Look-up

Michigan -      State Bar of Michigan - Attorney Directory Search

Minnesota -    Minnesota Office of Professional Responsibility - Lawyer Public Decision Search

Mississippi -   Mississippi State Bar - Lawyer Directory

Missouri -       Official Missouri Directory of Lawyers - Missouri Bar

Montana -      State Bar of Montana Member Search and Online Roll of Montana Attorneys
     List of Montana's Disciplined Attorneys

Nebraska -     Nebraska State Bar - Lawyer Search

Nevada -        State Bar of Nevada - Find a Lawyer

New Hampshire* - No public directory found. Call (603) 224-5828.
For the Public - NH Attorney Discipline Office
                New Hampshire's Password Protected Members-Only Online Directory

New Jersey* - New Jersey Courts - Searchable Attorney Index

New Mexico -  State Bar of New Mexico - Attorney Finder

New York -     New York Attorney Grievance Committees - USC Attorney Search

North Carolina - North Carolina State Bar - Find a Lawyer

North Dakota - Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of North Dakota - Lawyers Directory

Oklahoma* - No public directory found. Call (405) 416-7000
Oklahoma Bar Association -
FindALawyer (Not a complete list of all attorneys).

Ohio -              Ohio Supreme Court - Attorney Information Search

Oregon -         Oregon State Bar - Member Search

Pennsylvania - Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania - PA Attorney Search

Rhode Island - Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island

South Carolina - South Carolina Bar Association - Member Directory

South Dakota - No public directory found. Call 605-224-7554
South Dakota Bar Association - Find an Attorney Resources

Tennessee - Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility - Attorney Search

Texas -        State Bar of Texas - Search for an Attorney

Utah -          Utah State Bar - Find a Utah Lawyer Feature

Vermont - Professional Conduct Board of the Supreme Court of Vermont - List of Licensed Attorneys

Virginia* -    Virginia State Bar - Attorney Records Search

Washington - Washington State Bar Association - Attorney Directory

West Virginia - West Virginia Office of Disciplinary Counsel - Member Directory Search

Wisconsin -   Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation

Wyoming -    Wyoming State Bar - Membership Directory


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