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The AltCourt Legal Team

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  • Individual Legal Plans
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Employers and Human Resources


Smart managers know that it’s not enough to just provide any kind of benefit to employees. An intelligent workforce knows whether or not an employee paid benefit is worth having, and they are not going to spend any money to pay for a benefit that isn’t much more than window dressing and provides little assistance. There’s got to be a solid return on investment with great services for every penny spent. A group legal plan devised by AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services does exactly that.


Employees need to have the kind of service that helps them work through issues like adoption, landlord – tenant issues, and disputes over property. AltCourt has a number of services that can offer assistance in these matters, as well as drafting a will, immigration issues, and other problems that take employees concentration away from productive work. Any employer wants to have an employee paid benefit that is not going to be a pain the neck to administer. AltCourt wants to make things as easy as possible and our group legal plans include some of these attractive features for employers:

  • NO Minimum Participation
  • NO Administrative Fees
  • NO Claim Forms for the company or the employees
  • NO Work Related Coverage for the employees

Human resources is always sensitive to the needs of employees, and wants to be assured that every one of them is treated with courtesy and respect. AltCourt agrees with that type of empathy, and the lawyers in our network have extensive legal knowledge and superior personal skills. Some of our services that place a very high emphasis on customer service include unlimited telephone consultation, review of contracts and other legal forms, and unlimited telephone calls and letters on behalf of the plan member. These are some of the special touches that let people know that an employee paid benefit from AltCourt treats everyone as an individual and not a statistic.

We’ve been providing companies with group legal plans since 1987 and we know that employers come in all types. That is a reason why we offer flexibility in structure so that an employer can better create a plan that suits the needs of the employees. With our legal services options, you can tailor your benefits package to meet your employees’ ability to pay as well as your company’s desired fiscal involvement. AltCourt provides three very attractive alternatives:

  1. A plan fully paid by employees through voluntary payroll deductions
  2. A plan partially paid by employees and employer
  3. A plan fully paid by employer

Plan administration is incredibly easy and a AltCourt group legal plan fits in with any comprehensive employee benefit program. That is something any human resources department would want to have, and once in place the AltCourt plan will result in:

  • Reduced Presenteeism (When Employees are there in body but not in mind)
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Increase Productivity and Retention
  • Low Cost Benefit

The last benefit is without a doubt the best feature. And, it goes without saying that legal service will be provided by lawyers who truly care about an individual’s needs and seek to remedy any problem as quickly as possible.


AltCourt staff will be made available to hold either one-on-one sessions or group meetings to inform employees about the benefits of the group legal plan and answer any questions. We conduct these meetings during open enrollment periods, or whenever it is most convenient.


Most employees use their legal plan 4.2 times a year. AltCourt guarantees that your employees can have the service of a highly qualified attorney when the need arises, and before a situation becomes a problem. To find out more, call us at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.






Members and employees have the right to expect excellent benefits from any voluntary benefit plan which they enroll in. That is exactly what they can anticipate when they start to use a group legal plan designed by AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services. Although our plans do not cover work-related issues, the Personal Legal Safeguard Plan allows members to have direct access to legal advice for all kinds of issues, including:

  • Buying or selling a home
  • Traffic violations or fender benders;
  • Estate planning/preparation of wills;
  • Filing consumer complaints with government agencies;
  • Issues involving power of attorney;
  • Immigration issues;
  • General legal advice and more.

These are the kind of benefits that make a difference. AltCourt goes one step further when it comes to customer service. It is our belief that an employee paid benefit should include empathy and sensitivity. Any group legal plan we design is intended to be of service. The lawyers who are part of our network are experienced and well versed in the law, but they also have the kind of personal skills we want to see in anyone who provides group legal services. We simply won’t settle for anything less.


These lawyers go the distance for all members employees enrolled in any of our group legal plans. Members can receive assistance at drastically reduced rates and certain benefits, such as unlimited telephone calls, at no cost. The attorneys of a AltCourt group legal plan will make the phone calls and write the letters necessary to resolve issues before they go before a judge. That’s important because the sooner the issue is resolved, the better. Using the voluntary benefit also means that a person doesn’t have to constantly go to human resources to get issues resolved. While human resources is always glad to be of help, the legal benefits allow the staff people to concentrate on even more important matters to make the workplace more enjoyable place to be.


It is estimated that members will use a group legal plan approximately 4.2 times a year. That is for all kinds of reasons, and can be as minor as review of a contract or as important as the closing on a house. What is great about a AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services plan is that the cost is extremely low and the customer service is very, very high. It also means that outside legal problems are the last thing any member needs to worry about during the workday.


We’ll Take You Through The Process Step-By-Step


Our customer service is very much a hands on effort, and our AltCourt staff makes a point of walking a person carefully through all that is needed to have benefits administered and processed. That extra touch is important because so many people are nervous when it comes to legal matters. We do all that we can to reduce such unnecessary stress. Everything is explained very carefully and members are encouraged to ask as many questions as necessary to get a full understanding. The attorneys also anticipate and encourage questions. Members should expect this kind of sensitivity from any employee paid benefit. It is exactly what AltCourt plans provide.


We welcome the opportunity to explain to human resources or executive management all the things that we can provide for employees. We invite interested parties to contact us and give us the chance to show how legal issues can be quickly handled to use of our plan services. No one should have to sit in their cubicle and stew over issues that involve legal counsel. We can take the pressure off a person’s mind and allow him or her to concentrate more fully on being the most productive employee an organization ever had.


We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have. Call us at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.



Brokers and Consultants


As a trusted administrator of group legal plans, AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services is the logical choice for brokers and consultants. We know that these professionals are looking to provide the most attractive and value added legal benefit for clients, and AltCourt offers one of the easiest to use, functional, and affordable group legal plans on the market with no minimum group size or minimum participation requirements. AltCourt works with both large and small organizations as well as individuals, trade unions and associations. We can easily service any targeted group that any consultant or broker does business with.


Health Insurance Brokers Can Find New Business with Our Plans

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 established a healthcare insurance exchange that allows individuals to choose their own plans, effectively eliminating the need for many brokers and consultants who sell to individuals, small businesses and large corporations. This Act promises to have far-reaching effects on the viability of many insurance brokers and consultants across the country.


Insurance brokers and consultants have a right to be very concerned. At AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services our group legal plans have stability and longevity that definitely has a value for a brokerage or consulting business. We can help any broker or consultant supplement their health insurance business with legal benefit plans that are cost effective and content. For this and many other reasons, group legal services are consultants nationwide.


Why Offer AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services?


AltCourt plans help client companies save money by increasing productivity, decreasing absenteeism/presenteeism and boosting morale with the legal benefit provided. In addition, AltCourt can help companies improve their employee benefit package with a group legal plan in order to attract quality candidates.


With our experience in all types of industries (manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotech, banking, finance, service, nonprofit, administrative and more), an insurance broker or consultant can trust that a AltCourt legal benefit is ideal for any and all clients. In addition to all of that, we’ve got prepaid legal and identity theft/credit monitoring products that are affordable and useful to all of your clients.

Our services are easy for human resources to administer and simple for members to use. AltCourt will provide support from pre-enrollment through enrollment and post-enrollment in the group legal plan so that a broker can confidently recommend our plans to his or her client base. Another feature of the AltCourt legal benefit is extremely important although not spelled out in the paperwork. The lawyers in our network are highly skilled professionals with superior customer service skills. They can provide answers to the complicated questions and bring resolution to difficult situations. The attorneys do this and patiently and with the kind of empathy that any company has a right to expect for its employees. We also are willing to do everything that is necessary to develop a legal benefit that exactly fits what the client would like to have.


AltCourt considers it very important to develop a strong relationship with insurance brokers and consultants. We take the time to educate brokers and consultants on our products so that these benefits professionals can get the most out of a partnership with us. We understand that it is extremely important to stand out amongst the competition and our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan, as well as our Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring plans are the perfect products to help you do just that. We would certainly welcome the opportunity to explain in greater detail either of these in addition to the other options we have. To find out more, call us at 1-251-444-6174

or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.




Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)


Modern life is full of stress and excessive anxiety. It happens too often that employees are distracted by personal problems at work, which decreases their ability to work efficiently and complete important projects. As human resources know very well, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) provide employees with the kind of counseling and aid needed to resolve domestic private problems. EAPs are usually made available to employees, their spouses and any dependents. These benefits help resolve problems outside of work and include issues that cause personal stress, such as family disputes, health and wellness matters, psychological issues, elder care, non-work related criminal charges and other challenges. A legal benefit may easily be tied to an EAP.


At AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services the group legal services we provide are often utilized as the legal component of EAPs for various industries and in countless markets. With our prepaid group legal plans, we can provide your employees with a legal benefit that would include attorney assistance from our diverse network of legal professionals. We can tailor make a specific legal service to add to your existing EAP including telephone advice and face to face consultations. Although we do not handle work-related issues with our group legal service, AltCourt attorneys are skilled in a variety of common practice areas, including family law, criminal matters and immigration.


Employers who are concerned about productivity understand the importance of EAPs. On average, distracted employees are 21% less productive than when they’re not stressed by outside issues. This lack of productivity costs American companies billions of dollars a year. Using AltCourt’s group legal services, though, a company can help employees reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, as well as cut back on health-related issues such as depression and hypertension.


The legal benefit AltCourt offers is not difficult at all to be administered. Enrollment is easy and we can even work with brokers or third-party administrators to complete enrollment. Our specific legal services will fit seamlessly into any existing EAP structure and AltCourt will provide training for the plan administrator to ensure complete and smooth integration. We’ll also provide any employer with all the marketing materials needed to inform the employees about AltCourt legal benefit plans, including brochures, email communications and banner advertisements, as well as a simple-to-use webpage for employee registration.


Something else is provided that is important for any employee using the corporate EAP service. These hard-working people are in a stressed or anxious state of mind and need a gentle touch. AltCourt attorneys provide the kind of customer service that is needed in such situations. These legal professionals treat every plan member as if he or she were a long time client. The legal benefit AltCourt provides includes face-to-face consultations and these are conducted with great patience. Every question that a plan member has will be answered as carefully and as completely as possible. Human resources want all employees to be treated well. We feel the same way and that is why superior customer service skills are expected of every attorney in our network.


We also believe in providing exactly what the employer wants. We review the group legal services available with every perspective client and point out the legal benefit in each option. AltCourt is flexible enough to provide exactly what the organization wants. While we will offer suggestions and possibilities, it is understood that the final draft is the decision of the client. We will deliver it in a way that is easy to administer and provides the greatest possible benefit for the largest number of plan members.


We appreciate any inquiries that are made about our services. To find out more, please feel free to call us at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.






The clients for whom we provide service are not just limited to corporations and small businesses. At AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services we work with numerous faith-based organizations, trade associations, professional organizations and other associations to create group legal plans that make sense for specific populations. We know associations would like to offer legal benefit plans to their membership because legal services can make life so much easier. AltCourt also understands that associations are different from each other, and the group legal plans for such organizations will have to be tailor-made. That is certainly not a difficult for us to do. We can develop a legal benefit that fits the needs of any group. Our desire is to develop the legal services plan that is most in tune with the needs of both the given association and the members who are part of it. At the same time, we want to provide the kind of legal benefit that is very easy to afford and easy to administer at the same time.


Why Offer Prepaid Legal Services to Your Member Base?


Excellent question! Here are a few reasons why you should consider offering a legal benefit designed by AltCourt:

  • Because our group legal plan can be offered as a voluntary benefit with no minimum participation requirement;
  • Because there are no administration fees for the services provided;
  • Because there are no claim forms to handle or worry about;
  • Because your members can receive a legal benefit for little to no cost for dozens of legal issues
  • Because you can increase your appeal and membership by offering this useful benefit.

On top of all of this is the great customer service provided. AltCourt believes that in any group legal plan the unwritten legal benefit should be high levels of empathy and concern. Our attorneys provide face-to-face consultations and treat any plan member as if he or she was a longtime client. Associations can be assured that the group legal services provided will be done in a sympathetic and caring way.


Most people don’t have hundreds or even thousands of dollars on hand to retain private counsel for family legal matters, contract/document disputes, or small claims court cases. This is especially true if the organization caters to the elderly, retirement groups or other populations with special needs. Our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan can provide all the necessary legal resources the association’s membership may require. All of it is offered patiently and with high levels of courtesy.


Since 1987, AltCourt has been delivering stellar legal services for associations coast to coast. We enjoy working with these groups to provide the kind of benefit their respective memberships will appreciate being able to access. We can help you enhance your association’s offerings with a low-cost benefit designed to make legal services affordable and available to your members when the need arises. AltCourt can also provide a group legal plan that is very easy to manage, and we will gladly make any alterations or additions that you feel will be necessary.


Members of associations enjoy the professional camaraderie they find. These people also appreciate the benefits of membership, and have no problem referring to friends all that a given association can provide. We would love to be able to explain to you what we can do that will enhance both the benefits of the members and enhance the reputation of the association. To find out more about what AltCourt can do for you, please feel free to call us at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response. Our knowledgeable representatives are waiting to take your call and answer all of your questions.




Labor and Trade Unions


Labor and trade unions are organizations that are focused solely on their membership base. Your core values are centered on the ability to help and support union members, and what better way to accomplish this than with a cost-effective prepaid legal plan from AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.


We have union clients in a variety of industries, including education, pharmaceuticals, carpentry, electric, plumbing, health care, banking, food services and much more. As a leader in our industry, we offer competitive legal plans that are designed to give you the most value at the lowest cost to you and your members.


We encourage representatives from large labor unions (AFL-CIO, IBT-Teamsters, AFSCME, UFCW, etc.) and specialized unions (IBEW-Electric Workers, FAAM-Aircraft Mechanics, AAUP-University Professors, etc.) alike to utilize our prepaid legal services for maximum benefit to their members. You can offer our legal plans as a union-sponsored benefit or as a member-paid benefit, or you can choose a co-pay option.


How Can Prepaid Legal Services Benefit Our Members?


Our prepaid legal services deliver comprehensive legal assistance to your member base when they need it most. Most employers don’t offer a supplemental legal benefit to their employees, so as the representative union, you can offer your members legal aid at a low price through AltCourt. They will have access to our nationwide network of attorneys who can help them with a dozens of legal matters, including the Preparation of Wills, Living Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney, Advice on Small Claims Court, Advice on Government Programs and more.


The end result is that your members will be able to handle legal matters outside of work hours quickly and efficiently. Most workers don’t seek legal advice because they feel that they can’t afford it. Our plans allow your members, regardless of their income level, the opportunity to consult with real attorneys to get real answers to issues as they arise.


To find out more, call us at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.



Credit Unions


Credit unions are institutions that offer a number of services beyond simple banking to its membership. Credit unions also provide loans, mortgages, lines of credit and other financial services. These civic minded organizations also often give back to the local community and encourage local small businesses with loans and creative lending plans. At AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services we are pleased to help those credit unions and their SEGs (Select Employer Groups) who are looking to expand their offerings to make the possibility of membership more attractive to potential and current members. At AltCourt, we have designed several legal benefit products that can be offered as membership services to the membership of any credit union. These include our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan, Financial Wellness and our Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring plans. These are the kind of group legal benefits and services which can really make a difference for an individual.


AltCourt provides great legal benefit plans. Our Personal Legal Safeguard Plan gives your members access to a nationwide network of professional attorneys who practice in various areas of law. No matter if they’re dealing with family legal issues or government programs, this group plan can provide free legal assistance in most cases as part of the legal benefit. The group legal plan does not cover work-related issues, but most other matters can be handled within the scope of the plan’s features, which can be tailor-made for the credit union.


Similarly, Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring Plans give credit union members immediate access to their credit information to help them prevent and identify fraudulent activity. Daily credit monitoring also allows members to rest assured knowing that their accounts are being watched at all times for suspicious charges, inquiries or new accounts.


Legal services such as any of the ones already mentioned provide the kind of assistance members need in their ordinary daily lives. It is a safe bet that sooner or later a person is going to need an attorney and a group legal benefit will help with the costs. That is not where it ends with the services provided by AltCourt. It is understood by all of our attorneys that any service provided to a plan member must include empathy and high quality customer service. AltCourt screens attorneys for both their legal knowledge and their ability to interact with plan members. Those legal professionals who have evidence of good people skills will be part of the network of attorneys in an AltCourt group legal plan. Those who do not have such qualities are not in the network. It is all that simple. Credit union management will be pleased to know that customer service is crucial to us, and also is easy to administer. The AltCourt group legal benefit is intended to have no administrative problems and provide the best assistance possible.


The products we offer at AltCourt Pre-Paid Legal Services are value-added benefits that provide the very best with the least possible administrative effort. There are no forms to fill out and there are no minimum participation requirements. If a credit union wants to have a specific feature to the plan, AltCourt is more than happy to make the needed addition or revision. We work with these organizations so they can be of better service to their own members. There truly is no downside to offering a AltCourt legal services plan to the membership, so contact us today to find out more. AltCourt is very happy to answer any questions and make recommendations to help improve quality. Call us at 1-251-444-6174 or fill out our contact form for a speedy response.



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